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Author Topic: Henderson's formal apology  (Read 14446 times)

Fearless Henderson

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Henderson's formal apology
« on: June 08, 2016, 07:55:42 PM »
     Henderson humbly apologizes for his rude behavior towards ToxicDocter and his server. Henderson will cease all rude comments made against ToxicDocter and his homeland. Please excuse Henderson for his rude, crude and deragtory comments made against ToxicDocter, as they are the product of his pastor at his local church in Victoria, Texas. Henderson does not know if you have been to Victoria, Texas but there are daily KKK and Neo-Nazi meetings and Henderson's uncle has made Henderson attend the rituals where they sacrifice pigs, Jews, gypsies. Henderson himself has sacrificed the first girl he got pregnant because she was Mexican and the Grand Dragon did not like that, because of his loyalty to the Klan. Henderson himself was declared Grand Templar Global Elite Master. So once again Henderson is very sorry and humbly apologizes for his rude actions and behaviors.


Parmi-John Mazzetti (aka Doctor Henderson)

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Re: Henderson's formal apology
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