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General Discussion / ShittyRP Rules!
« on: April 11, 2016, 04:19:40 PM »
General Rules
The Big Six Rules. Always follow these.  :)
1. PLEASE do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it. It's delicate!  :'(
2. Please don't prop spam. That shit is annoying to cleanup.
3. Scamming is not allowed. So don't do it. Blind Auctions are allowed.
4. Ban dodging is allowed as long as you don't troll while on your alt.
5. Don't RDM.
6. Don't be annoying.

Role-playing Rules
For an effective RP experience, follow these rules.
1. Do not randomly kill someone (RDM - Random Death Match). Doing so while get you punished.
2. Follow the New Life Rule. If you don't know what it is, scroll down on this page to the 'New Life Rule' section.
3. No job abuse.
4. As a thief, don't pickpocket newly spawned players.
6. Do not mic spam. We have a radio for that.
7. Do not spawn kill.
8. Talking about DDoS, how to do one, ect. is allowed as long as you don't actually do it.
9. No nudity or porn in the Cinema.
10. Kill on sight (KoS) signs are fail rp. Just tell them you are going to shoot them then shoot them.
11. You must make a reasonable attempt to take the Mayor hostage before opening fire on him (you must be a raiding class to take hostages).
12. You may defend random people.
13. You may not raid someone directly after selling them entities.
14. Hobos may not own doors, since they are homeless.
15. Accidentally damaging someone while in a fight is fine. Their dumbass is what got shot.
16. The Mayor can build in the PD as long as it isn't propblock.

Raiding Rules
The Raiding Rules.
1. You may only raid as one of the raiding classes. It says in the job description whether it is a raiding class or not.
2. You must wait 15 minutes in-between raiding the same person.
4. You can not SG / RPG or otherwise damage someone and then not raid them.
5. You may raid someone who is already being raided.
6. When raiding, it is good practice to allow the victim to surrender first. You can think of this rule as a guideline.  8)
7. Some classes must have a certain party size to raid. Check the job description to be sure.

Police and FBI Rules
Unlike real government, you have to follow rules.
1. Corrupt Government members are not allowed.
2. Police members may arrest players with illegal guns or contraband out on sight.
3. Police may use any weapon they have available to them.
4. SWAT may free-roam, but must protect the Police Department and Mayor during a raid / lockdown. This is important!
6. Government members are NOT allowed to base/own doors/homes. The Police Department is your home.  ;)
7. Police members are NOT to arrest hobos during a lockdown, since they have no home.
8. Do not randomly weapon check someone. (Being in the PD is reason enough for a check)
9. Do not raid without a warrant. A building open to the public does not require a warrant to go into, unless there is a closed off private area such as a back room.
10. You cannot warrant based off hearing money printers or cocaine labs through the walls.
11. Do not give your standard issue weapons to anyone or drop them. They are expensive to replace.

Building Rules
Unlike real construction workers, you have to follow rules.
1. Do not abuse the fading door.
2. Keypads must be working, have a hold length of 5 seconds and be placed near the door they open.
4. A player must be able to enter and exit your building.
5. You must have at least one raidable entrance.
6. Don't build inside buildings you don't own.
7. Do not build out on the streets unless you are a hobo. Building an outdoor store is allowed.
8. Do not block off large parts of the map. This is annoying and may get you banned.
9. While building, put up a sign that states "BUILDING" to let others know not to mess with you. Once you are finished building, remove the sign. While building, you should not have any printers or other entities. If you do, you can be raided.
10. You may megabase if you have at least 5 people with you.

New Life Rule
What is NRL? If this is your first RP server, or you are just dumb you may not know the answer. The New Life Rule states that once you die, you forget everything that happened to you. NLR is almost universal to RP servers.
1. When you die you forget about it.
2. You may not return to the place you died for at least 3 minutes. Feel free to wait longer if you wish.

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